Short Animated Film

This is a short animated film that tells the story of my mother Valentina.
In addition to living with a violent husband, she lost her first 4 month-old son when she herself was only 18.

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This happened when she was a young bride and according to the
Caucasian primitive culture, the new wife is supposed to prove herself in the family eyes by in addition to raising a first baby ,deal with everything related to the housekeeping. This includes preparing food, washing clothes manually (there was no washing machine), cleaning a house including the yard alone. All this when there were 11 people in the house.

One day my mother was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the room and did not hear her baby crying. He cried until he suffocated. When my mother woke up and went to check on her son, she found out the worst.

In this video I show my mom as a lioness because despite all the hardships she went through in life she did not give up, she gave birth to me and my sister, raised us alone in a foreign land and gave us all the love we could only ask for.
Appreciate and love your mothers.

Concept Art

Role: Art Direction, Script, Illustration, Design, Animation

Music: Yossi Efraimov

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