Hi, I'm Valeri! I am a freelance Motion Graphics Designer who also teaches After Effects, the best software for Motion Graphics. My job here is to teach you the best skills in Adobe After Effects so that you can start a successful career in Motion Design.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been into drawing. I started off doodling animals, cartoon characters, and people. As I grew older, I decided to take my passion more seriously and got a bachelor's degree in visual communication (4 years study), which covered graphic design, illustration, and animation. And would you believe it? I even worked at an animation studio for a whole year during my third year of college! I worked at an animation studio for a year but eventually decided to go freelance full-time. I loved what I did so much that I started sharing my knowledge with others. I started teaching at branding companies, giving private lessons to talented students, and even creating free tutorials on my YouTube and Instagram pages.

Over the past two years, I have taken my teaching skills to the next level by developing digital courses. These courses are specifically designed to help graphic designers, illustrators, and beginner motion designers. My goal is to assist creative entrepreneurs in increasing their income by providing more services to their clients.

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