Beginner/Advanced - 3 Hours

By the end of this course, you'll know how to come up with creative ideas and feel confident working on big projects based on a script, to tell amazing stories.

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This is what you will create along the course

Lesson #1

Script Mastery

Learn how to use chat GPT to create the perfect script.

Lesson #2

Spotlight on Keywords

Are you struggling to come up with visual ideas for your script? Learn how to analyze your script to make it easier to generate visual ideas.

Lesson #3

Visual Reference Hunt

Learn how to search for relevant references.

Lesson #4

Storyboarding Success

Learn how to use your references to create a storyboard that will guide you through the project.

Lesson #5

Style Frame Sneak Peek

Dive into Adobe Illustrator and learn some nifty tricks to design your scenes.

Lesson #6

Voiceover Integration

Learn how to use AI to generate a high-quality voice-over for your project.

Lesson #5

Rough Animation Run-through

Dive into Adobe After Effects and learn the necessary steps to begin animating your project.

Lesson #8

It's all about the transition

Learn how to create smooth transitions between the scenes.

Lesson #9

Avoid this mistake

See what mistakes you can counter during the workflow, and learn how to avoid them.

Lesson #10

Motion Refinement

Learn how to improve the animation in the most efficient way possible.

Lesson #11

Captioning Your Creation

Learn how to use AI to generate captions for your project.

Lesson #12

Final Touches

IImprove the overall look of the scenes with basic effects and some program tweaks.

Lesson #13


Learn how to download and add sound effects to your After Effects project.

Lesson #14

The Final Render

See what is the best importing settings for rendering your creation.

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