Beginner - 3 Hours

Learn how to create awesome animations that you can offer to your clients using just the basics. It's a perfect course for beginners who want to take their first steps in the world of Motion Design. So, if you're a graphic designer or illustrator and you want to offer more to your clients, this course is just what you need!

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This is what you will create along the course

Lesson #1

Animation For Apps and Websites

In the first lesson, we will create a basic shapes animation, and learn how to export it into a Loti or JSON file, which is perfect for websites and apps.

Lesson #2

Animated Gmail Signature

In the second lesson, we will create a complex animation that we will turn into a professional email signature.

Lesson #3

Animation for Long Videos

In the third lesson, we will turn layers into 3D layers and learn how to create an isometric camera. In addition, we will learn how we can integrate the animation into longer videos, such as podcasts, games, and more.

Lesson #4

Animation for Your Portfolio

In the final lesson, we will create a super cool Loader animation, and learn how to showcase it in our portfolio like a pro.

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When you sign up for this course, you'll also get access to a free beginner's guide to After Effects! It's a 20-lesson course that you can watch before starting this one if you want to get a better grasp of After Effects.

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Every new topic will be explained in a short and easy to understand way

What sets this courses apart from others and makes it unique?

To give you the best learning experience, you will get cues on when to sit back and just listen, and when it's your turn to take control and follow along with me

You’ll also get mid-lesson questions to help you memorize the lessons better, and to keep you engaged

This course is recorded on a PC computer, but don't worry, I will always provide instructions on how to perform the same actions on a Mac computer

You will get instructions on performing shortcuts for both PC and Mac users

And I’ll even tell you when to take breaks. Just like in a real classroom

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